Bravo Capsule Test

This test involves a capsule (size of a long gel cap, but rectangular in shape) that measures the pH environment of the esophagus, thus the presence of acid reflux. The Bravo delivery system (capsule attached to a catheter) is inserted orally, then down into the esophagus. Once positioned and the capsule is attached, the delivery system is removed. This usually takes 60 seconds. Some patients can feel the presence of the capsule, some do not.

Information is transmitted from the capsule to the receiver, a pager-like device worn on the belt or waistband. A diary is provided for documentation of symptoms, meals and lying down periods. After 48 hours the device is returned along with the diary.

The capsule sloughs off in 5-10 days and is excreted via a bowel movement. The data is then uploaded to a computer program, which provides a comprehensive report. The physician analyzes the information, determining whether or not acid reflux is a diagnosis in correlation with the patient's symptoms.

Patients with pacemakers, cardiac defibrillators or diagnosed gastrointestinal strictures are not candidates for this procedure.