Refer Your Patients with Confidence

Your practice doesn't end when a patient leaves your office. At AG, we understand this, and we strive to work seamlessly with our colleagues to make referrals meaningful. And our clear information policy means that you stay up to date on your patients' diagnosis, treatment and care.

Here, you'll find an online form for referring your patients, tools for choosing a specialist, and information on insurance.

Refer a Patient

Use our simple web form to refer your patient to an AG physician. Before starting, please have an AG physician in mind. Looking to get better acquainted with our doctors? Visit our choosing a physician page.

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Choosing an AG Physician

Need help choosing an AG physician? Visit our choosing a physician page for more information on each of our doctors.

Insurance Information

We accept most major insurance carriers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and Medicare. View a list of insurance carriers we accept, and get important information on your patients' plan. Learn more

Contact Us

Call us directly to refer a patient, ask a question or speak to an AG staff member.

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