Understanding Your Bill

Let's face it: medical bills can be complex. At AG, we believe an informed patient is a happier, more satisfied patient. On this page, we've included some general information on AG bills, as well as a few frequently used terms.

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Billing Basics

AG routinely files all necessary claims to insurance companies for reimbursement. The patient, however, is ultimately responsible for payment of the bill. It is extremely important that AG and the Austin Endoscopy Center be given all the information regarding the patient's insurance as soon as possible so that we can verify that insurance is current and determine the nature of coverage. Please be advised that there are instances when a health plan's database may not reflect current information.

Most insurance plans do not cover 100 percent of your visit. You may be expected to pay a facility fee, co-insurance or co-pay (depending on your insurance) prior to your office visit and/or procedure.

Payment of co-insurance, co-pays and deductibles may be made with cash, check or credit card, including Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover.

Terms Listed on Your Bill

Let's look at some terms you may find on an AG bill. Note that some terms and codes are specific to your insurance carrier and will not be featured here.

Statement Date

The date that the bill was created. Unless otherwise stated, AG asks that you pay your bill upon receipt.

Chart Number

A unique code that AG uses to refer to you. Your chart number will be used throughout your visits to AG.

Services Listed

The services performed, by code. Your statement of account will include only those services rendered to you by AG and/or Austin Endoscopy Center. Services provided by your (non-AG) doctor/anesthesiologist, pathologist, laboratory and/or hospital will be billed by their respective offices.

Note that if you've had a procedure done, you may receive two separate bills: one from AG for your office visit and another from Austin Endoscopy Center for the procedure.


The code for your procedure. Common procedure codes include:

43235-43239: Upper Endoscopy
43260-43265: ERCP
45330-45335: Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
45378-45388: Colonoscopy
83013-83015: Urea and Hydrogen Breath Tests
91110: Capsule Endoscopy
99201-99205: New Patient Consultation
99211-99215:  Established Patient Consultation
99241-99245: General Consultation
J1745: Infusion Services

* This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all the services AG and Austin Endoscopy Center provide.


Your insurance provider.


You, the patient.


Billing adjustment will be based on AG and Austin Endoscopy Center's contractual agreements with the patient's particular health plan.


The amount left to be paid by the guarantor.


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